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Aspire-premium-kit-150x150 Buy Aspire E-CigsAspire ECig UK is one of the latest entrants in the vaping market. Founded in 2013, the company has created waves within the industry with its high quality, cost-effective vaping products. Within this short span of time, the company has become a force to reckon with; and vaping enthusiasts from across the country and the world now use and prefer Aspire E-Cigarettes.

These ECigs are available at a cost that’s 80% lower than purchasing a pack of regular cigarettes. And what’s even better is that the risks associated with using these products is far lower than smoking. If you are looking to kick the smoking habit Aspire E-Cigs are an excellent option for you. In addition to e-cigs, the company also manufactures genuine e-cig coils, batteries and tanks for its range of e cigarettes. And of course, with 25 tantalising flavours to choose from, there is a taste for even the most discerning vapers.

Range of Aspire products

Regardless of whether you are new to vaping or have been using electronic cigarettes for some time now, you are sure to find something that matches your requirement. Take a look at the different products you can choose from including:

  • Aspire Premium Kit– This kit has everything you’d require to setup- it includes a variable airflow glassomizer, a high-grade variable voltage battery, a USB charger, wall plug, as well as sufficient coils to last you for the first 2 months. The e-cig battery has a carbon fibre casing, which makes it far lighter than other similar products.
  • Aspire starter kits – You can choose from the Aspire K2 Kit, Aspire K3 Kit, or the Aspire K4 Kit. With some variations, they all have a battery system and open source tank. The battery is rechargeable & reusable; some of these also have refillable tanks which means you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to flavouring.

All these starter kits come with a stock of coils which last much longer than any of your standard cigarette packets. The high battery output also provides for a much stronger taste, which significantly improves the vaping experience for first-time users. What is also very important is that all these products are available at extremely reasonable rates.

Opt for genuine products

When you are buying Aspire E-Cigs you want to be sure that you are purchasing genuine products; and when you choose to buy these from TootyFruity that is exactly what you are assured of. Not only do we have the entire line of e-cigarettes from Aspire, but you will find the standard and Premium Starter Kits and amazing e-liquids as well.

We have but one objective – to provide you with an outstanding vaping experience with genuine branded products.  For any more information about Aspire Electronic Cigarettes, feel free to call us at 0161 478 0216. You can also send TootyFruity your queries via this contact us form and we will respond promptly. Do browse the wide range of e-cigs, accessories and e-liquids on our site.

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