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How to use your E-Cigarette

how-to-use1 How to use your E-CigaretteScrew your battery into the USB charger until the battery no longer turns. Do not over tighten or force the threads.

Charge time is approx. 2-3 hours.

Do not leave unattended or charge overnight. The battery is fully charged when the light changes from red to green.

how-to-use2 How to use your E-CigaretteInject down side of tank

Do not inject e-liquid into air outlet pin.

how-to-use3 How to use your E-CigaretteDo not inject e-liquid over 1.6ml

how-to-use4 How to use your E-CigaretteIt is recommended to keep e-liquid above 0.6ml.

how-to-use5 How to use your E-Cigarette

Join your clearomizerto the battery (1) and twist (2) in a clockwise direction.

Don’t force it or you may strip the threads.

Undo it and try again if it starts going on crooked or if you have to force them to tighten together.

how-to-use6 How to use your E-Cigarette

Now your battery is attache to the clearomizer, it is ready to use.

To turn your battery off, simply press the button 5 times in a row, your battery will flash.

Repeat the process to turn your battery back on.

On the ego twist models the voltage can be adjusted by turning the end of the battery compartment.

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