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Ecig Starter Kits

Package Includes

  • 1 x Echo-D 650mah Electronic Cigarette (1 x Battery, 1 x Clearomiser)
  • 1 x USB Charger

Additional: 1 x  e-liquid.


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“Do Yourself a Flavour” with Tooty Fruity E-cig Starter Kits!

Giving up smoking cigarettes?  Millions of ex-cigarette smokers began by using E-cig starter kits!  Introduced into Europe in April 2006, ten years later there are currently around 2.8 million e-cigarette users, according to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH, May 2016).

Low cost vaping for the absolute beginner

Tooty Fruity Aspire E-cig starter kits are cost effective because they provide all you need:

  • “Open source” refillable tank systems to store your favourite e-liquid flavour.
  • High output rechargeable and reusable batteries for a strong and long-lasting taste.
  • Electrically-powered replaceable coils to vaporise the e-liquid.

How does the E-cig work?

A traditional cigarette is smoked by simply burning tobacco inside thin rolled paper. An e-cigarettes works by heating liquid to create vapour instead of smoke. Inhaling or activating the device draws the e-liquid through the clearomizer to be heated, which then converts the liquid into an aerosol vapour. It is the vapour containing the nicotine or flavour which is inhaled and exhaled as a vapour cloud.

What is a Clearomizer?

Every electronic cigarette has an atomiser that turns the liquid into a vapour, but another component between the liquid and the atomizer is called a Clearomizer, which is completely transparent. This means you see the level of e-liquid at all times and can refill when low. There are several  different kinds of clearomizers, which either contain a top coil, bottom coil or multiple coils.

What’s in an e-liquid?

The e-liquid, which is purchased in cartridges or refill bottles, commonly contains water, nicotine and any added flavouring. There are also two common synthetic liquids – Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – which are each mixed according to a different PG/VG ratio.

The PG/VG ratio

Your choice of PG/VG ratio in your e-liquid will alter the flavour, strength and the amount of vapour produced:

  • Higher PG level – a stronger and more complex flavours.
  • Higher VG level – more vapour.

e-Liquid strength

How do you work out the right strength of liquid that’s best for you? By comparing with the strength of cigarettes you are now trying to stop from smoking:


Cigarette strength e-Liquid strength
Brand ‘lite’ version 1.2 per cent
Regular 1.8 per cent
Strong 2.4 per cent

You may decide to order an e-liquid which is slightly stronger than the cigarettes you used to smoke because less nicotine is absorbed when vaping. Over time, it will become easier to adjust the strength down to a more comfortable level.


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