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TootyFruity Only Sells UK Made E-Liquids

Tooty-Fruity-only-sells-uk-made-e-liquids-150x150 TootyFruity Only Sells UK Made E-LiquidsYou can never be too careful when you use e-liquids. You will be consuming the product and letting the vapour produced by them into your lungs, after all. You need to make sure that the product you purchase is trustworthy and of good quality. It’s not easy to determine the quality of e-liquids by just smoking it.

Yes, you can do research and find the best manufacturers of e-liquids but who really has the time for this? At TootyFruity, we consider it our responsibility to provide you with the best possible liquids. That’s why we focus on UK manufactures.

Good Quality

We have several years of experience in this industry and understand how vaping liquids are made. We understand which liquids are of the best quality and would offer the best experience. We have found that the e-liquids that are manufactured in the UK are generally of higher quality than imported liquids.


We are also very certain that they are manufactured in good, hygienic conditions and have little to no contaminants in them. While there are several other manufacturers outside of the UK that produce interesting flavours, we believe that they can’t stand toe-to-toe with the quality of the UK liquids.


After all, it’s the quality that you can trust. Why take the risk of buying a mediocre product when you can purchase affordable and flavourful UK liquids? That’s why we only sell e-liquids made in the UK. We believe that superior quality is just what our customers are looking for.

Diverse Range of Flavours

You don’t have to compromise on flavour combinations just because you choose to purchase a good quality product. UK manufacturers aren’t afraid to experiment and often produce interesting and popular flavours. You can experience a number of different combinations without being forced to consider foreign manufacturers.


Whether you like the traditional flavours of menthol and tobacco or you love to explore a diverse range of fruit, dessert, and herbaceous flavours, we have something for you. The fact that we choose to sell products that are made in the UK doesn’t mean that we don’t have a comprehensive collection. You won’t be disappointed with the offerings of our store.


If you have any questions regarding e-liquids or e-cigs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! You can call TootyFruity at 0161 478 0216. You can also fill in this contact us form with your questions and comments. We will be happy to help you.

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